Spinners & Spinners believes that employees are the most important resource in that the company and thus is committed to attracting and retaining the best brains. Spinners & Spinners has invested a significant portion of their resources into the training and development of its staff. The Spinners & Spinners team is cross-professionally trained and skilled, combining the best of expertise, knowledge and skill.


Everyone who works at Spinners & Spinners is given an opportunity to to develop and enhance his or her individual capabilities, through provision of a conducive working environment and training programs.Spinners & Spinners's people are focused and driven by a vision which is clear and understood by all. We believe we are a learning organisation thus "Our people will seek opportunities and overcome challenges ethically and strive to make them a reality". Spinners & Spinners upholds respect for the individual. If you are interested in joining the Spinners & Spinners family, upload your CV using the form on the right.


Spinners & Spinners is an equal opportunity employer.

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