The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.

In 2006, Spinners and Spinners through the request of the school management and local leaders got involved in the rehabilitating of the Matopeni Schools in a drive to improve education in Ruiru.

The two schools, Matopeni Primary School and Spinners Boys Secondary School,  hold over 1,100 students from ages as young as 4 to 18.

Our main task has been to develop the infrastructure and facilities of the schools. Over the years, it has constructed brand new classrooms, toilet facilities, laboratories, a basketball court, dining and catering facilities, drama and arts faculties and playing fields. Additionally, we have been heavily involved in improving teaching standards with training.

Matopeni Primary School

Matopeni Primary School was setup in September 2006. Initially starting just as a mixed primary school, it later added its Kindergarten arm. It now boasts almost 900 students from ages 4 up to 18.

Spinners Boys Secondary School

Started in September 2007 initially as Matopeni secondary school, the school now hosts over 200 students from ages 14-18. In 2010 through insistence from the students the school changed its name to Spinners Boys Secondary School.


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